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Garage door spring repair, replacement, and installation

Your garage door has several parts. However, none of them are more vital as its springs. Each of these springs supports the weight of your garage door as it is raised and lowered. A garage door spring is one of the best innovations. It is the spring that makes closing and opening a garage door easier. Without it, you would have to lift the weight with your hands.

Because of regular use and wear and tear, door springs don’t last forever. They can wear out and can cause issues with your garage door. Generally, a spring set can last for five to seven years. Heavy-duty ones last for a longer time depending upon the kind of application. Whenever there is any complication with your garage door, you need to first have the springs checked.
Kinds of springs used in garage doors

There are primarily two kinds of springs in garage doors: Extension and torsion springs. Any issues with these can pose problems while opening the garage door.

  • Extension springs
    These are specifically used in lighter garage doors such as sectional and one-piece tilt-up doors. These hang from the top and are anchored near the back of the upper tracks. It can be dangerous to ignore any issues with extension springs.
  • Torsion springs
    Torsion springs are used for heavier doors such as in commercial establishments. These are used on both sides of the door. Garage doors with these springs are difficult to handle. This is because the doors usually weigh around 300-400 pounds. Hence, the springs are naturally powerful enough for ensuring the operation.

The working mechanism of an extension spring
Whenever you close the garage door, the extension spring absorbs most of the weight and stores it as energy. As soon as the door is opened, the spring releases the store energy to lift the door. The doors often weigh several hundred pounds. Hence, it is not possible to manage such heavy garage doors manually.

Applications of an extension spring
These are primarily used as they are less expensive in comparison to torsion springs. These are ideal for smaller garages as there is no room for accommodating a torsion spring mechanism. Extension springs cannot store as much energy as torsion springs. This is the reason why two extension springs are provided on some garage doors. Another reason for using two springs is for safety purposes. If one breaks, then the other can take the load.

The working mechanism of a torsion spring
A torsion spring is placed parallel to a garage door on the wall above. As the door is closed, the cables attached to the corners of the door cause the spring to wind up. This winding process is responsible for storing energy in the spring. Whenever the door is opened, the torsion spring unwinds thereby releasing the energy.

Applications of a torsion spring
Torsion springs are immensely popular. These are placed parallel to a garage door on the wall above. These are more powerful and durable. These are also quieter. The only thing is that these are more expensive in comparison to extension springs.
Torsion springs can be used on any kind of garage door. However, these are rarely used on single panel doors. A typical torsion spring door use
Why spring repairs cannot be neglected?

  • Garage door springs can be dangerous if under extreme tension
  • If spring snaps, the garage door can come crashing down
  • Bolts, cables, pulleys and other attached parts come under extreme tension
  • The door can crash pounds of material

Spring replacement isn’t something you should experiment with if you are not a professional. This is because one wrong move can trigger the spring to release the stored energy. It all takes a fraction of second for disaster to strike. Hence, rely on a professional for repairing spring pertaining issues in your garage door.
Signs your garage door needs repairs or replacements

  • Door shudders when spring starts wearing out
  • An even door implies broken garage door spring
  • Worn out torsion springs do not hold the weight of the door
  • You can test by disabling the automatic system and manually raise the door and check if there is any issue
  • Look for gaps in springs and door misalignments
  • Check if clips and loops are worn out

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We offer quality services related to garage door repairs and replacement. We also offer maintenance services. We inspect the cables, springs and other parts periodically to ensure that your garage door doesn’t face any failure. We also lubricate the parts to prolong the life of your garage door and its parts.
We will assist you throughout so that you make a sound decision.

  • Trained technicians
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  • Assistance throughout the process
  • Regular inspection
  • Repairs and replacement services
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