Garage Openers

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are automatic and convenient. They have become a standard in most garages today. Having a door opener installed in your garage is more of an investment. It will provide a hassle-free service for years to come.

Garage door openers are powered with powerful motors that can open and shut the doors conveniently. Some can be operated with the help of a switch. Automatic models can be controlled with a remote.

Kinds of garage door openers
All garage door openers function based on a specific driving system. The basic kinds of driving systems commonly seen in garage door openers are

  • Chain drive system
    A metal chain operates the garage opener in a chain drive system. These can make a little noise every time you open or close your garage door.
  • Belt drive system
    Belts are used in this mechanism for operating the garage door. These are quite flexible and operate smoothly. These do not make much noise in comparison to a chain drive system.
  • Screw drive system
    Screw drive openers operate along a steel rod opening. These can be noisy because of the metallic nature of the rod.

There are several other drive systems used in garage door openers. Direct drive and Jack-shaft systems are also preferred.

It is vital to pick a garage door opener driving system depending upon the location of your garage. If it located near your bedroom, then going for any drive system wouldn’t matter much. If your bedroom is adjacent to the garage, then you should go for a quiet operating drive system.

Choosing a garage door opener

With plenty of options available, you may find it quite difficult to shortlist one. Each opener has its pros and cons. The decision about a garage door opener is influenced by several parameters such as

  1. Model
  2. Size of the motor
  3. Size of your garage door

Several openers come with optional battery backup. This can be beneficial for businesses if there is any power outage in their establishment. These openers provide more functionality than just serving as a door opener. You can choose Wi-Fi-enabled models that promise more convenience. These can be operated from your smartphone or tablet.
Openers with safety sensors are also immensely popular these days. These are apt for homeowners looking for convenient modern amenities. These options can prevent injuries to your children and pets. Moreover, these can prevent your garage doors from hitting any object thereby preventing damages. Sophisticated openers can be integrated with smart home systems. They have advanced features including:

  1. Carbon monoxide sensors
  2. Laser parking assist modules
  3. Adjustable fans
  4. Bluetooth speakers

Should I replace my garage door opener?

If your garage door opener isn’t working, then the first thing you must do is identify the cause. If you can’t do it on your own, then you can request for assistance. Sometimes, the openers don’t work because of a dead battery. If it isn’t working despite changing the battery then the issue could be with some other mechanism.

If you hear any noise during opener operation, then it may be an indication that it is about to break. This problem is commonly observed in older systems. Even a door suddenly reverses the movement due to sensor malfunction.

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