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Commercial Garage Door Troubleshooting and Repair

Commercial and residential garage doors are different in many aspects. Commercial garage doors are more prone to wear and tear in comparison to residential ones. Large vehicles such as trucks frequently move in and out through these doors. Hence, they need to be sturdier than regular doors. Additionally, they need to comply with standard safety regulations.

If your commercial garage door is posing problems in operations, then it is time to identify the cause and have them fixed. The common problems noted are

  • Stuck doors
  • Broken or cracked weather seals
  • Malfunctioning sensors and openers
  • Broken door springs, hinges, or cable
  • Doors damaged by outbound trucks
  • Remote problems, damaged tracks, and rollers
When your business heavily relies on a commercial garage, you need to act immediately. You cannot afford to have downtime.

Why is it important to inspect your garage door regularly?

A smoothly functioning commercial garage door ensures an efficient and safe work environment. Periodic maintenance service will extend the life of your garage door. The regular inspection covers the following activities.

  • Adjusting the motor settings and counterbalance
  • Inspection for worn out parts
  • Lubricating chains, hinges, rollers, and bearings
  • Replacing or tightening fasteners
  • Ensuring that each part is functioning appropriately

Looking for commercial garage door replacement?

If your garage door is beyond repair, then it would be best to have it replaced with a modern offering. With advancements in technology, a lot of reliable options are available for businesses. The modern designs promise ease of handling. They demand less maintenance and service in comparison to the old ones.

Commercial designs are not the same as residential garage door designs. Commercial doors are heavier as they are made from bulky materials. This is why it is best to go for automatic door openers. Safety mechanisms haven’t been overlooked in modern designs. Most of the commercial docking doors are fitted with break-away bottom sections that have been designed to break away upon impact with any object. This could save operators from injuries and expensive damages.

You can also consider add-on features such as viewing points. Grille door garages come with viewing points and are preferred in malls and hospitals. Aluminum doors are heavy-duty and exude a professional look. These are preferred in factories.

Looking for a garage door repair service?

You can get in touch with our well-trained professionals to carry out maintenance procedures or to recommend a service. Our recommendations ensure reliable and smooth operation for a long time. Quality is the hallmark of our service.
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